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Make up your mind... all of them

In a lot of posts, I often speak on how I lost weight because I completely made up my mind to do it. When I say you have to have a made up mind, I mean your at-the-job mind, your parenting mind, your friends-to-all mind, your church-member mind, your social-life mind, your go-to-the-gym mind, your volunteering mind... you get the picture. All of these hats have to be put on with purpose and mindset that you have an end goal in mind to live healthier. All of the above will be affected by your new choices. You have to know in all scenarios that you are working on you. You don't want to give in to every little temptation everywhere you go. Success has to happen inside your home AND when you walk out your front door. We have to plan to win. Know your weaknesses and don't test them. Sometimes we think we have the mental strength to deal with certain surroundings when reality says something different. Don't put yourself in situations that are bound to have you making bad eating decisions.

Your mind has to be made up because there will be people who want to do what you're doing, they're not and will attempt to sabotage you. It's seems silly that a person would do this but I've experienced it firsthand... while eating my healthy lunch a coworker offers me a brownie knowing that I'm on a course to lose weight. After saying "no thanks, I'm trying to eat healthier," the coworker says "oh c'mon, you know this would taste so much better than what you're eating." Major side eye. Little did she know, this gave me the fuel I needed to keep going. The devil thought he had me... think again. You are not a failure. The things that make it hard are just obstacles, speed bumps, something that may slow you down.

"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win."

Don't give up.

~ Nina

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