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I know how difficult it is to get going with a healthy diet regimen. What you eat is what's going get you to your goal. The options are practically endless in what you can eat. It's probably easier to say what you shouldn't be eating than to pinpoint what you should be eating. The bad stuff is what holds most of us back.

So if you haven't read my story, carbs were my downfall. They're still a struggle for me because I mean seriously, carbs seem to make everything taste fantastic. Basically, I was over doing the carbs and under doing protein. When I say over doing carbs, I mean big time. At breakfast I would eat a banana, oatmeal, Yoplait yogurt (not Greek) or cereal and never have any protein. Then I'd have a carb loaded lunch and a little protein. Same with dinner. This was during a time that I was trying to change my eating habits for the better. I mean all those carbs probably worked for a marathon runner but I was the type to walk on a treadmill 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes. I definitely didn't need all those carbs. 


So, don't take this page as your holy grail of food. I just want to share (from a busy mom and wife) some of the things I enjoy eating in hopes to guide you in the right direction. Here's a few simple food examples...

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